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Hay Day Currencies

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Hi everyone! Super Lamb Blog with another Hay Day post today! I am explaining about the 3 currencies of the game today. Enjoy!

The 3 currencies of the game:
- Coins
- Diamonds
- Vouchers

Earning money (diamonds especially) in Hay Day requires knowledge, skill, preparation, and a little luck. Coins can be earned by selling crops, products, selling to visiting customers, completing truck orders, winning the Wheel Of Fortune, finding them in mystery boxes, and selling to other players via your Roadside Shop.

Coins are the main currency in Hay Day. Coins can be used to purchase production buildings, production animals and used in the roadside shops of other players. Coins can be earned from selling from your own roadside shop, selling goods to visiting customers, finding them in mystery boxes or in your truck Orders.

At the start of the game, a player is given 30 free diamonds. Diamonds can be earned by completing achievements in the game and are found in locked boxes. Players can also purchase diamonds as an in-app purchase. Diamonds can be used to speed production and complete orders of missing items. Diamonds can be purchased with real-world money, are sometimes found on the carnival wheel, are a reward for levelling up, and occasionally come from the mine. Diamonds are used everywhere to shortcut requirements of time and other currency, but are hard to come by in quantities needed to play the game that way (unless you want to spend a LOT of real money) and the shortcuts are expensive. 5 Diamonds can be found in open or locked crates.

Vouchers become available at level 20. They are earned by completing boat orders and orders for bars of precious metals, and also you can receive them from the mystery boxes. Vouchers are used to buy special items, including pets and decorations. There are four colours of vouchers; green, blue, purple, and golden.

Hope u enjoyed this post!

Written by: Super Lamb

Hay Day Series 3: Fishing Boat - Lure Workbench

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Here's more Hay Day again! But today, we're not doing crops or production machines, but concentrating on the Fishing Boat! There are 3 things u can do in the Fishing Boat (the fishing boat is unlocked at Level 27 and takes 3 days 2 build). They are:
- Lure Fishing (u need the Lure Workbench, vouchers if u r "colour fishing") Unlocks at level 27
- Net Fishing (u need the Net Maker, diamonds if u r net fishing using the Mystery Net) Unlocks at level 30
- Lobster Fishing (u need the Net maker to produce Lobster Net and Lobster Pool) Unlocks at level 44
Today, we're going to concentrate on the Lure Workbench! 

U can create 5 different types of lures. There are:
- Red Lure 
- Green Lure 
- Blue Lure
- Purple Lure
- Gold Lure
How long does it take to make the lures? Let's find out:
Red lure: 1 hour n 30 mins
Green lure: 1 hour n 15 mins
Blue lure: 1 hour
Purple lure: 45 mins
Gold lure: 30 mins

U need vouchers to make the lures? What kind of vouchers do u need? Let's find out:
Red lure: Nothing
Green lure: 1 green voucher
Blue lure: 1 blue voucher
Purple lure: 1 purple voucher
Gold lure: 1 golden voucher

These lures can be used to catch different types of fish. Let's find out what type of fish u can catch (This list is incomplete, comment below to help complete this list):
Red lure: Huchen
Copper Redhorse
Green lure: Roach
Northern Pike
Brook Trout
Spotted Sunfish
Coho Salmon
Yellow Perch
Shadow Bass
Largemouth Bass
Grass Carp
Northern Studfish
Green Sunfish
Blue lure:
Brook Trout
Northern Studfish
Lake Sturgeon
Bluespotted Sunfish
Rainbow Smelt
Yellow Bass
Striped Bass
Purple lure: 
Lake Sturgeon
Coho Salmon
Bluespotted Sunfish
Grass Carp
Shadow Bass
Spotted Sunfish
Greater Redhorse
Longear Sunfish
Gold lure:
Yellow Perch
Speckled Dace
Northern Pike
Greater Redhorse
Yellow Bass
Green Sunfish
GOLDEN TROUT!!!!!!! (rarest fish)

After u catch a fish, u will get 1 piece of fish fillet. U can sell the fish fillet at the roadside shop for 1-54 dollars. U can use the fish fillet to produce stuff. There are:
Bakery: Frutti Di Mare Pizza
BBQ Grill: FIsh burger
Fish and Chips
Pie oven: Fish pie
Soup kitchen: Fish soup
Sushi bar: Sushi roll
Salad bar: Seafood salad
Hope this post helped and don't forget to check the other Hay Day posts!

Hay Day Crops Part 1 - Wheat, Corn, Carrot, Soybean and Sugarcane

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Hi again and it is another post about Hay Day! We're starting a second series, about crops! There r 20 crops in the gme but there r sure more 2 come. So today, we are taking a closer look at about the first 5 crops for Hay Day! They are:- Wheat (unlocked at Level 1)
- Corn (unlocked at Level 2)
- Carrot (unlocked at Level 9)
- Soybean (unlocked at Level 5)
- Sugarcane (unlocked at Level 7)

How to grow crops:
1. Click on a crop patch
2. Select which crop u want and drag it towards the patch. (If u r choosing Indigo, Pumpkin, Potato, Chilli Pepper, Tomato, Strawberry, Rice or Lettuce, u will have to press the "switch" button)
3. One crop that u choosed will be removed and when it is finished growing, u will recieve 2 of the crop.

How long does the crop take to grow? Let's find out:
Wheat: 2 mins
Corn: 5 mins
Carrot: 10 mins
Soybean: 20 mins
Sugarcane: 30 mins

U can sell them in the roadside shop. How much r they worth? Let's find out.
Wheat (x10): 1-36 dollars
Corn (x10): 1-72 dollars
Carrot (x10): 1-72 dollars
Soybean (x10): 1-108 dollars
Sugarcane (x10): 1-144 dollars

The pictures of the crops r below.

Wheat (Ready to harvest)
Corn (Just planted)

Carrot (Halfway planted)

Soybean (Halfway planted)

Btw, the sugarcane picture cannot be posted. (I wonder y is it the same as the Dairy...) Click here for the picture.
That's the end and I hope you enjoyed my first part of the second series!

Written by: Super Lamb

Hay Day March Update (Version 1.17.94)

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EGG-TASTIC!!!!!! Another Hay Day update! This time with most people have been waiting for, more land! And there's a couple more additions to the March Update. Let's see the new additions from my favourite to the least favourite! (This list is incomplete. Help Super Lamb blog by completing the mistakes.)

1. Pet Donkey Improvements and New Donkey
Haha, this is my favourite, not exactly the Land Expansions, because I never have land deeds. Now, they have added a new donkey, which is called the Andalusian Donkey. Also they have changed the names of the first two donkeys. The first one was called the Grey Donkey, now it is called the Provence Donkey. The newer donkey, which was added in the Jan-Feb update, was called the Brown Donkey, now it is called the Anatolian Donkey. The Andalusian Donkey costs 2 green vouchers, 2 blue vouchers, 20 purple vouchers and 2 gold vouchers. (Yay only 2 gold vouchers! But 20 purple vouchers ||-_- )

2. New Production Building - Smoothie Mixer and Smoothie Products
These few recent updates concentrate on the higher levels, but I like this machine. Smoothies! I like drinking them :P Anyway, back to the update. I am not sure what are the ingredients and which level you unlock them, but I only know when you buy the Smoothie Maker, you can unlock:
- Green Smoothie - Price sold in roadside shop: 1-321 dollars - Duration to make: 45 mins - Ingredients to make: 5 Lettuce, 1 Lemon, 1 Apple
- Berry Smoothie - Ingredients to make: 3 Raspberry, 3 Strawberry, 3 Blackberry
- Yoghurt Smoothie - Duration to make: 1 hour -  Ingredients to make: 1 Cream, 2 Raspberry, 1 White Sugar, 1 Cherry
I will add in more information when I know more about the Smoothie Maker.

3. Land Expansions
Finally, I have come to the Land Expansions. Each land expansion for this new update costs about 7-14 land deeds, mallets, and marker stakes on average. The size of the expansions are about average, which is good. I still haven't even got the old ones, so I better work hard on getting them! In total for the new update, there are 9 new expansions.

4. Neighbourhood Improvements (PS: I am not sure if it still does appear or doesn't appear anymore)
I won't name this last, because I didn't like the old pop-ups. Now, they have improved it. The old pop-ups won't keep appearing, because sometimes, it is so confusing. I always think that someone sent me something, actually, it was just the pop-up :P

5. New Decorations
The new decorations are Flower Decos and Path Decos. I don't like decorations, so I placed this at the last, but actually, they can make your farm beauitful. I have put a couple of them in my farm, especially I love the Hedges. Hope these new decos will be nice!

Here is a video of all the features I listed above.

By the way, I have bought the Lobster Pool and I have caught 2 lobsters. I will be going to write a post of that soon! I hope this post has helped you for playing Hay Day!!!!!

Hay Day Jan-Feb Update (Version 1.16.148)

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You may have been waiting for this update for very long. Usually, every 1 month, every game will have one update. Hay Day has not done an update for January, but it doesn't matter. This brand new update is worth the wait! Let's see the new features of this update right now, from my favourite features, to my "so-so" features. (This list is incomplete. Help Super Lamb Blog by commenting what
they left out)

Oh my, this is definitely my favourite feature. This neighbourhood house takes a day to build, and u can start adding your friends! According to Hay Day, you can use the neighbourhood house to chat, help each other with their boats, and more. The neighbourhood house unlocks at level 29. I'll be making a video about this house once my own neighbourhood house is finished.

2. Fishing Boat - 2 new fishing areas, 6 new fish (2 can be caught only during a special event)
I like this feature as well, Especially because 2 of the fish can be caught with the red lure. New opportunites to earn diamonds and catch new fish without spending rare vouchers! I have only caught the Sockey Salmon using the Red Lure, but I will update the Lure Fishing post when I know the other 5 fishes' names. And new areas to fish, more Fish Fillet!!!
Also, I have found out 3 of the new 6 fish. They are:
Red Lure: Sockey Salmon
Gold Lure: Goldfish
Blue Lure: White Catfish

3. New Pet - Brown Donkey
This one is alright, which is a new pet, the Brown Donkey. I am not very sure how many vouchers it costs, but I know it is unlocked at level 52. It lives in the Donkey Stable and eats 1 carrot, like the  other donkey and horses. It will give u 25 experience when it eats the carrots. It costs 2 green vouchers, 2 blue vouchers, 2 purple vouchers and 20 gold vouchers to buy the brown donkey.

4. Lemon Tree and Lemon Products
I would have put this as number 2, but this feature will take me forever to get it, maybe until a new update comes out :P Anyway, back to the point. The Lemon Tree unlocks at Level 66, costs 670 coins and if you use the revival for the tree, it can produce 13 lemons. I am not sure how much it costs. There r 3 items which can be made with Lemons. They are:
- Pie Oven - Lemon Pie - Unlocks at Level 67 - Items needed to make: 1 lemon curd, 1 egg, 2 wheat - Roadside shop Max Price: 446 coins - Time to make: ???
- Cake Oven - Lemon Cake - Unlocks at Level 68 - Items needed to make: 2 lemon curd, 2 eggs, 1 cream, 3 wheat - Roadside shop Max price: 698 coins - Time to make: 2 hours 30 mins
- Sauce Maker - Lemon Curd - Unlocks at ??? - Items needed to make: 2 lemons, 1 butter, 2 eggs, 1 white sugar - Roadside shop Max Price: 378 coins - Time to make: ???

5. Winter Decorations and Snow Removed
Yes, it's not snow anymore, so I'm glad, it was removed.

 I hope this post helped you out!

Hay Day Production Buildings Part 4: BBQ Grill

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Welcome back to the Super Lamb Blog after a long break! After not posting for a long time, we're going to start with a Hay Day post about the BBQ Grill Production Building! If you are interested why I am only posting one of the building today, it is because you can make 7 items in the BBQ Grill but some of the earlier buildings I posted, you only can make 3 items. Let's start with some basic info about the BBQ Grill now!

BBQ Grill (buy the BBQ Grill for 730 coins)
- Unlocks at Level 9
- Pancake (unlocks at Level 9)
- Bacon and Eggs (unlocks at Level 11)
- Hamburger (unlocks at Level 18)
- Fish Burger (unlocks at Level 27)
- Roasted Tomatoes (unlocks at Level 30)
- Baked Potato (unlocks at Level 35)
- Fish and Chips (unlocks at Level 41)

What do u need to make the products? Here are the items needed n how long is needed to make the products:
- Pancake: 3 eggs, 1 brown sugar (30 mins)
- Bacon and Eggs: 4 eggs, 2 bacon (1 hour)
- Hamburger: 2 bread, 2 bacon (2 hours)
- Fish Burger: 2 bread, 2 fish fillet, 1 chilli pepper (2 hours)
- Roasted Tomatoes: 2 tomatoes (1 hour and 30 mins)
- Baked Potato: 2 potato, 1 chilli pepper, 1 cheese, 1 cream (35 mins)
- Fish and Chips: 2 fish fillet, 3 potato (1 hour and 30 mins)

U can sell the items at the roadside shop.

How much can u sell the items for? The prices r below:
- Pancake: 1-108 coins
- Bacon and Eggs: 1-201 coins
- Hamburger: 1-180 coins
- Fish Burger: 1-226 coins
- Roasted Tomatoes: 1-118 coins
- Baked Potato: 1-298 coins
- Fish and Chips: 1-244 coins

The BBQ Grill picture cannot be upload, so click here to see it.

That's the end and I hope this post helped you!

Hay Day Production Buildings Part 3: Sugar Mill and Popcorn Pot

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Hi everyone I'm back with more Hay Day! I'm happy to announce that the Hay Day update post for my blog has 266 page views! Bring it to 300, viewers! Anyway, here's part 3 of the Production Building Series, featuring the Sugar Mill and the Popcorn Pot!

Sugar Mill (buy the Sugar Mill for 350 coins)
 - Unlocks at Level 7
- Brown Sugar (unlocks at Level 7)
- White Sugar (unlocks at Level 13)
- Syrup (unlocks at Level 18)

What do u need to make the products? Here are the items needed n how long is needed to make the products:
- Brown Sugar: 1 sugarcane (20 mins)
- White Sugar: 2 sugarcane (45 mins)
- Syrup: 4 sugarcane (1 hour and 30 mins)

U can sell the items at the roadside shop.

How much can u sell the items for? The prices r below:
- Brown Sugar: 1-32 dollars
- White Sugar: 1-50 dollars
- Syrup: 1-90 dollars

We're done for the Sugar Mill! Now for the Popcorn Pot!

Popcorn Pot (Buy the popcorn pot for 1180 coins)

 - Unlocks at Level 8
- Popcorn (unlocks at level 8)
- Buttered Popcorn (unlocks at level 16)
- Chilli Popcorn (unlocks at level 25)
- Chocolate Popcorn (unlocks at level 44)

What do u need to make the products? Here are the items needed n how long is needed to make the product:
- Popcorn: 2 corn (30 mins)
- Buttered Popcorn: 1 butter, 2 corn (1 hour)
- Chilli Popcorn: 2 chilli pepper, 2 corn (2 hours)
- Chocolate Popcorn: 2 cacao, 2 corn (2 hours 30 mins)

U can sell the items at the roadside shop.

How much can u sell the items for? The prices r below:
- Popcorn: 1-32 dollars
- Buttered Popcorn: 1-105 dollars
- Chilli Popcorn: 1-122 dollars
- Chocolate Popcorn: 1-248 dollars

Here is the picture of the Sugar Mill and Popcorn Pot.

Sugar Mill and Popcorn Pot (active)

That's all you need to know about the Sugar Mill and the Popcorn Pot! See u in part 4!